Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need to fill in my Form10?

No, through the power of attorney you signed up with us, we take care of your Form10 automatically. At the end of a specified period (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly) you will receive an email notifying you that your Form10 is ready for you on your Online Account.


Do I still need to collect the fuel receipts?

No, thanks to your Diplomatic fuel card all transactions are collected electronically, and an invoice is made automatically. Your invoice is sent to your email address and also available on your Online Account.


How long does it take to deliver my Diplomatic fuel card?

Your diplomatic fuel card will be delivered by post within five working days from the treatment of your application form.


Is it possible to purchase any type of fuel with my Diplomatic fuel card?

Your Diplomatic fuel card can be used to purchase fuel belonging to the fuel group specified on your application form.


Is it possible to buy any other goods with my Diplomatic fuel card?

It is possible to buy engine oils, lubricants, carwash and all goods available in the fuel station store. A selection can be made whether or not you like this to be possible with your Diplomatic fuel card.


Do I need to top-up my Diplomatic fuel card?

No. Your Diplomatic fuel card is linked to your bank account. Any purchase you make is direct debited from your account after we notify you via email of all the transactions and purchases you made with your Diplomatic fuel card.


How do I use my Diplomatic fuel card at the fuel station?

Use your Diplomatic fuel card with your personal pin code as any other payment card. You pay with your Diplomatic fuel card at the cash register of the fuel station.


Can I have more than just 1 card?

Yes, for both personal and official use, more than one card can be issued for each vehicle. All Diplomatic fuel cards need to be linked with a specified vehicle licence plate.


Can I use my Diplomatic fuel card abroad?

The use of the Diplomatic fuel card is limited within the borders of the UK.


Is it possible to block my card in case of theft or loss?

Your card can be blocked by calling our Support Desk. Your problem will be solved with just one phone call. In addition, the Support Desk will create a replacement card at once (if applicable). Call 020 7898 3777 to block your Diplomatic fuel card.


How can I find out the price of my fuel?

Diplomatic Card Services UK charges the pump price at the local fuel station. This price follows the price fluctuations of the oil market and this may change on a regular base.


What should I do if I enter a wrong PIN code and my card is blocked?

For security reasons, your Diplomatic fuel card will be blocked after three failed attempts. In order to unblock your Diplomatic fuel card, kindly contact our Support Desk on 020 7898 3777.


Do I have to pay taxes on fuel?

Yes, the legislation of the United Kingdom stipulates that you need to pay your taxes in full, fill in your tax rebate claim and send it to FCO in order to have your taxes refunded.


How do I pay for my transactions?

We collect the outstanding amount by making a direct debit on a weekly basis with a notification by email 3 days prior.


Am I limited to a certain type of brand of fuel station?

No, with our Diplomatic fuel card you can chose any brand of fuel station you prefer.

Any more questions?

Call us on 020 7898 3777