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About Us

Diplomatic Card Services is recognised as the premier provider of tax-free fuel cards and VAT cards to
embassies, consulates and international organisations.

Diplomatic Card Services
is an innovative tech company that is committed to improving the current way of benefiting from fiscal privileges. In collaboration with inland government bodies, Diplomatic Card Services increases the convenience to the diplomatic and International community in Europe, by reducing the administrative workload and giving immediate exemption of taxes. From its offices in Breda in the Netherlands, Diplomatic Card Services serves diplomats, NATO personnel and staff members of international organisations in Belgium-Brussels and the Netherlands - the Hague.
Diplomatic Card Services UK is currently setting up its platform in the United Kingdom.

The Diplomatic fuel card
will be in line with all requests and regulations of fuel supplies to the diplomatic corps and international organisations according to the governmental bodies of the protocol.

How doyou work?

In 3 easy steps

Refuel your car at your
local fuel station

You can fill up with the fuel type you signed up for at a nearest fuel station. The Diplomatic fuel card is accepted at all fuel stations in the United Kingdom.

Use your diplomatic fuel card
to enable the transaction

A PIN code comes together with the Diplomatic fuel card. Use the PIN to confirm the transaction at your preferred fuel station.

Pay later and receive your
invoice by e-mail

The need of saving individual fuel receipts is no longer necessary. The tax-free fuel transaction is automatically debited on a weekly base. At the end of the month you receive a transparent invoice by email.

Benefits of
Diplomatic Card

We offer solid and trustable
electronically automated solutions

Tax free fuel
Diplomatic Card Services UK is proud to be the first diplomatic fuel card provider to give you instant tax free fuel at your local fuel station.
Eliminates paperwork
No more receipts, no more TX10. Diplomatic Card Services UK eliminates your paperwork. The needs to save your individual fuel receipts and to process the TX10 forms are made redundant.
Largest station network in UK
With the Diplomatic fuel card you can refuel your car at of all fuel stations within the United Kingdom. Our partnership with Allstar gives the opportunity to refuel your car at more than 7800 fuel stations. It ensures you the most convenient driving experience.
Fuel at pump price
You can refuel your car at the best price at your preferred fuel station.
Personal contact and tailored service capabilities
Diplomatic Card Services UK strongly believes in the power of personal contact. Precise assistance is brought to you by our dedicated team.
Transparent, secure and easy to use
Diplomatic Card Services UK stands on its reputation to be the most secure, easy to use and transparent fuel card provider for the diplomatic community.
Clear pricing
All benefits of the Diplomatic fuel card are available to you for a monthly, administration fee per active fuel card and a transaction fee.

How dowe work?

In 3 easy steps

Our team

We want to make Diplomatic Card Company the world’s most respected and demanded
service for the privileged Diplomats and the International Organisations.

Marc JH Stockbroekx

CEO & Founder

Successful serial entrepreneur who keeps on challenging himself to find new opportunities.

Did you know?
His biggest passion is sailing and has won several championships in his early days.

Manolis Arvanitis

General manager

Big hearted man that knows and understands every aspect of managing people and companies.

Did you know?
Manolis loves to sail on the Greek seas and explore the Greek Archipelago.

Johan Van Mensel

IT lead

One of the brightest IT specialists there are...

Did you know?
He made his first steps in programming at the age of 9 and became addicted to 'IT' ever since...

Sander JM Stockbroekx


Ambitious and motivated person who is eager to learn and to develop his entrepreneurial spirit.

Did you know?
Sander started an import export business in motorcycles when he was only 15 years old.

Ben Pintens

Manager operations & Support desk

With extensive sales experience on the Belgian and Dutch market, he continues to translate customer' needs into new service features.

Did you know?
Ben loves to do sports (Crossfit) and he engages in voluntary work via Rotaract, the Rotary International youth program.


Our trusted partners who support us establish the Diplomatic Card service in the UK

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